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Missouri One Call System (MOCS) 1-800-DIG-RITE or 811

Utility Members

If you are a utility with underground facilities in Missouri, by law you are required to be a member of a notification center wherein it is known as the Missouri One Call System (MOCS).  The MO State Law, RSMo Chapter 319.015 § (15) describes an “Underground Facility” and RSMo Chapter 319.022 § (1) defines the participation requirements.

Alphbetical Listing

Click a letter to go directly to that section, or scroll down. For members by county click here.

Cities or municipalities are listed as “City of”. For example; if you are looking for the City of Jefferson City, click on the alphabet C then scroll down. This is the same for Villages.

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10-4 Water System
154 Homeowners Association


Abundant Life Baptist Church
Adair County PWSD 1
ADB Companies
Alliance Water Resources
Alliance Water Resources - City of Elsberry
Alma Telephone
Alpine Village MHC
Altec Industries
Ameren Missouri CEC
Ameren Missouri Electric
Ameren Missouri Gas
Ameresco Jefferson City LLC
American Broadband
American Fiber Comm
American Traffic Solutions
Andrew County PWSD # 1
Andrew County PWSD # 4
Andrew County PWSD 2
Andrew County PWSD 3
ANR Pipeline Company
Arrow Point Village Inc.
Ashley Energy Gas
Ashley Energy Steam
AT Still University
AT&T Local Network Services
Atchison County PWSD 1
Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission
Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative
ATT Distribution
ATT Transmission
Audrain County PWSD 1
Audrain County PWSD 2
Aurora Communications


Baptist Bible College
Barry Electric Cooperative
Barry Technology Services
Barton County CPWSD #1
Barton County Electric Cooperative
Bates County PWSD #1
Bates County PWSD #2
Bates County PWSD #3
Bates County PWSD #5
Bates County PWSD #6
Bates County PWSD 4
Bates County PWSD 7
Belton School District 124
Benton County Sewer District #1
Big River Hills Water
Big River Telephone Company, LLC
Bike Share KC
BJC Health Care
Black River Electric Cooperative
Blackwater Reorganized Common Sewer District
Blue Branch Improvement Assoc.
Blue River Community College
Blue Springs School District
Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm
Bollinger County PWSD # 1
Boone County CPWSD # 1
Boone County PWSD # 4
Boone County PWSD # 9
Boone County PWSD #10
Boone County Regional Sewer District
Boone Electric Cooperative
Boycom Cablevision
BP Pipelines North America
BPS Telephone
Brentwood Management
Brush Creek Sewer District
Buchanan County PWSD # 1
Buckeye Pipe Line
Buckeye Pipe Line LP
Business Technology College
Butler County PWSD # 2
Butler County PWSD #104
Butler County PWSD 1
Butler County PWSD 3


Cable America
Cable One
Caldwell County PWSD # 3
Caldwell County PWSD #2
Caldwell County PWSD 1
Callabyte Technology
Callaway 2 Water District
Callaway County PWSD # 1
Callaway Electric Cooperative
Calvey Creek Sewer District
Camden County PWSD # 1
Camden County PWSD # 2
Camden County PWSD 3
Camden County PWSD 4
Camden County Sewer Districts
Cannon Water District #1
Canterbury Home Owner's Association
Cape Girardeau County PWSD #4
Cape Girardeau County PWSD # 2
Cape Girardeau County PWSD 5
Cape Girardeau/Perry County PWSD 1
Carroll County PWSD # 1
Carroll Electric Cooperative
Carrollton Municipal Utilities
Carter County PSWD 2
Carter County PWSD 1
Carter County South Van Buren Sewer District
Cass County PWSD # 1
Cass County PWSD # 2
Cass County PWSD # 3
Cass County PWSD # 5
Cass County PWSD # 6
Cass County PWSD # 7
Cass County PWSD # 9
Cass County PWSD #10
Cass County PWSD 11
Cass County PWSD 4
Cass/Bates County PWSD #12
Cedar County PWSD #1
Cedar Ridge Estates
Central Electric Power Cooperative
Central Missouri Community Action
Central Missouri Electric Cooperative
Chariton County PWSD #2
Chariton Linn County PWSD 3
Chariton Valley
Chariton Valley Communications
Chariton Valley Telephone
Charter Communications
Chevron Sierra Land Company
Choctaw Telephone Company
Christian County PWSD 1
Citizens Cablevision
Citizens Electric Corporation
Citizens Telephone
City of Adrian
City of Advance
City of Alba
City of Albany
City of Alma
City of Alton
City of Amazonia
City of Amoret
City of Anderson
City of Annapolis
City of Anniston
City of Appleton City
City of Arbyrd
City of Arcadia
City of Archie
City of Armstrong
City of Arnold
City of Arrow Rock
City of Asbury
City of Ash Grove
City of Ashland
City of Atlanta
City of Aurora
City of Auxvasse
City of Ava
City of Bakersfield
City of Ballwin
City of Barnard Water Department
City of Barnett
City of Bates City
City of Battlefield
City of Bell City
City of Belle
City of Bellflower
City of Belton
City of Benton
City of Bernie
City of Bertrand
City of Bethany
City of Bevier
City of Billings
City of Birch Tree
City of Bismarck
City of Blackburn
City of Blackwater
City of Blairstown
City of Bloomfield
City of Bloomsdale
City of Blue Springs
City of Bogard
City of Bolckow
City of Bolivar
City of Bonne Terre
City of Boonville
City of Bosworth
City of Bourbon
City of Bowling Green
City of Branson
City of Branson West
City of Brashear
City of Braymer
City of Breckenridge
City of Brentwood
City of Bronaugh
City of Brookfield
City of Browning
City of Brunswick
City of Bucklin
City of Buckner
City of Buffalo
City of Bunceton
City of Bunker
City of Burlington Junction
City of Butler
City of Butterfield
City of Byrnes Mill
City of Cabool
City of Cainsville
City of Calhoun
City of California
City of Callao
City of Camdenton
City of Cameron
City of Campbell
City of Canton
City of Cape Girardeau
City of Cardwell
City of Carl Junction
City of Carrollton
City of Carterville
City of Carthage
City of Caruthersville
City of Cassville
City of Center
City of Centerview
City of Centerville
City of Centralia
City of Chaffee
City of Chamois
City of Charleston
City of Chesterfield
City of Chilhowee
City of Chillicothe Municipal Utilities
City of Chula
City of Clarence
City of Clark
City of Clarksburg
City of Clarksdale
City of Clarksville
City of Clarkton
City of Clayton
City of Clearmont
City of Cleveland
City of Clever
City of Clifton Hill
City of Clinton
City of Coffey
City of Cole Camp
City of Columbia
City of Columbia Traffic Signals
City of Conception Junction
City of Concordia
City of Conway
City of Cool Valley
City of Cooter Waterworks
City of Corder
City of Cottleville
City of Cowgill
City of Craig
City of Crane
City of Creighton
City of Crocker
City of Cross Timbers
City of Crystal City
City of Cuba
City of Curryville
City of Dearborn
City of Deepwater
City of Delta
City of Desloge
City of DeSoto
City of DeWitt
City of Dexter
City of Diamond Water & Sewer
City of Dixon
City of Doniphan
City of Doolittle
City of Downing
City of Drexel Public Works
City of Dudley
City of Duenweg
City of East Lynne
City of East Prairie
City of Edgar Springs
City of Edgerton
City of Edina
City of El Dorado Springs
City of Eldon
City of Ellington
City of Ellsinore
City of Elmo
City of Eminence
City of Emma
City of Essex
City of Eureka
City of Everton
City of Ewing
City of Excelsior Springs
City of Exeter
City of Fair Grove
City of Fair Play
City of Fairfax
City of Fairview
City of Farber
City of Farmington Municipal Utilities
City of Fayette
City of Fenton
City of Festus
City of Fillmore
City of Fisk
City of Flint Hill
City of Fordland
City of Forest City
City of Forsyth
City of Frankenstein Water
City of Frankford
City of Franklin
City of Fredericktown Light & Water
City of Freeman
City of Fremont Hills
City of Frontenac
City of Fulton
City of Gainesville
City of Galena
City of Gallatin
City of Galt Municipal Utilities
City of Garden City
City of Gerald
City of Gideon
City of Gilliam
City of Gilman City Utilities
City of Gladstone
City of Glasgow
City of Golden City
City of Goodman
City of Gower
City of Graham
City of Grain Valley Public Works
City of Granby
City of Grandin
City of Grandview
City of Grant City
City of Green Castle
City of Green City
City of Green Park
City of Green Ridge
City of Greendale
City of Greenfield
City of Greentop
City of Greenville
City of Greenwood
City of Hale
City of Half Way
City of Hallsville
City of Hamilton
City of Hardin
City of Harrisonville Electric Department
City of Harrisonville Water & Sewer
City of Hartville
City of Hawk Point
City of Hayti
City of Hayti Heights
City of Hazelwood
City of Henrietta
City of Herculaneum
City of Hermann
City of Hermitage
City of Higbee
City of Higginsville
City of High Hill
City of Highlandville
City of Hillsboro
City of Holcomb
City of Holden BPWD
City of Holland
City of Hollister
City of Holt
City of Holts Summit
City of Homestead Village
City of Hopkins
City of Hornersville
City of Houston
City of Houstonia
City of Humansville
City of Hume
City of Hunnewell
City of Huntsville
City of Hurdland
City of Iberia
City of Independence Power & Light
City of Independence Power & Light
City of Independence Water
City of Iron Mountain Lake
City of Irondale
City of Ironton
City of Jackson
City of Jamesport
City of Jamestown Water & Sewer
City of Jasper
City of Jefferson Street Department
City of Jefferson Wastewater Utilities
City of Jonesburg
City of Joplin
City of Kahoka
City of Kansas City Water Services
City of Kearney Water Department
City of Kennett City Light, Gas & Water
City of Keytesville
City of Kimberling City
City of King City
City of Kingston
City of Kingsville
City of Kirksville
City of Kirkwood Utilities
City of Knob Noster
City of Knox City
City of Koshkonong
City of La Grange
City of La Plata
City of LaBelle
City of Laclede Public Utilities
City of Laddonia
City of Lake Lafayette
City of Lake Lotawana
City of Lake Ozark
City of Lake Saint Louis
City of Lake Tapawingo
City of Lake Waukomis
City of Lake Winnebago
City of Lamar
City of LaMonte
City of Lanagan
City of Lancaster
City of Laredo Municipal Utilties
City of Lathrop
City of Laurie
City of Lawson
City of Leadwood
City of Lebanon
City of Lee's Summit Fiber
City of Lee's Summit Water
City of Leeton
City of Lewistown
City of Lexington
City of Liberty
City of Licking
City of Lincoln
City of Lineville
City of Linn
City of Linn Creek
City of Linneus Utilities
City of Lockwood
City of Lone Jack
City of Louisiana
City of Lowry City
City of Madison Gas, Sewer & Water
City of Maitland
City of Malden BPWD
City of Malta Bend
City of Mansfield
City of Maplewood
City of Marble Hill
City of Marceline
City of Marionville
City of Marquand
City of Marshfield
City of Marston
City of Marthasville
City of Martinsburg
City of Maryville
City of Matthews
City of Maysville
City of Mayview Utilities
City of Meadville
City of Memphis
City of Mendon Public Utilities
City of Mercer
City of Merriam Woods
City of Meta
City of Mexico
City of Miami
City of Middletown
City of Milan
City of Miller
City of Miner
City of Moberly
City of Mokane
City of Monett Utilities
City of Monroe City
City of Montgomery City
City of Montrose
City of Morehouse
City of Morley
City of Moscow Mills
City of Mound City
City of Mount Vernon
City of Mountain Grove
City of Mountain View
City of Naylor
City of Neck City
City of Neelyville
City of Nelson
City of Neosho
City of Nevada
City of New Bloomfield
City of New Cambria
City of New Florence Municipal Gas System
City of New Franklin
City of New Hampton
City of New London
City of New Madrid
City of Newburg
City of Newtown
City of Niangua
City of Nixa
City of Noel
City of Norborne
City of Northmoor
City of Norwood
City of Novinger
City of O'Fallon
City of Oak Grove
City of Odessa
City of Old Monroe
City of Oran
City of Oregon
City of Oronogo
City of Orrick
City of Osage Beach
City of Osborn
City of Osceola
City of Otterville
City of Owensville
City of Ozark
City of Pacific
City of Pagedale
City of Palmyra Board of Public Works
City of Paris
City of Park Hills Water & Wastewater
City of Parkville
City of Parma
City of Parnell
City of Pasadena Hills
City of Pattonsburg
City of Peculiar
City of Perry
City of Perryville
City of Pevely
City of Piedmont
City of Pierce City
City of Pilot Grove
City of Pilot Knob
City of Pineville
City of Platte City
City of Platte Woods
City of Plattsburg
City of Pleasant Hill
City of Pleasant Hope
City of Pleasant Valley
City of Polo
City of Poplar Bluff Municipal Utilities
City of Portage des Sioux
City of Portageville
City of Potosi Public Utilities
City of Prairie Home
City of Princeton
City of Purcell Public Works
City of Purdin
City of Purdy
City of Puxico
City of Queen City
City of Qulin
City of Ravenwood
City of Raymore
City of Raytown
City of Reeds Spring
City of Republic
City of Rich Hill
City of Richland
City of Richmond
City of Ridgeway
City of Risco
City of Riverside
City of Rock Port Municipal Utilties
City of Rockaway Beach
City of Rockville
City of Rogersville
City of Rolla PWD
City of Rosebud
City of Rosendale
City of Russellville
City of Saint Ann
City of Saint Charles
City of Saint Clair
City of Saint Elizabeth
City of Saint James Municipal Utilities
City of Saint John
City of Saint Joseph Street Department
City of Saint Louis BPS
City of Saint Mary
City of Saint Peters
City of Saint Robert
City of Saint Thomas
City of Sainte Genevieve
City of Salem
City of Salisbury
City of Sarcoxie
City of Savannah
City of Schell City
City of Scott City
City of Sedalia
City of Sedgewickville
City of Seligman
City of Senath
City of Seneca
City of Seymour
City of Shelbina
City of Shelbyville
City of Sheldon
City of Sheridan
City of Sibley Water Department
City of Sikeston Street Dept
City of Silex
City of Skidmore
City of Slater
City of Smithton
City of Smithville
City of Southwest City
City of Sparta
City of Spickard
City of Stanberry
City of Steele
City of Steelville
City of Stewartsville
City of Stockton
City of Stotts City
City of Stoutland
City of Stover
City of Strafford
City of Sturgeon
City of Sugar Creek
City of Sullivan
City of Summersville
City of Sumner Public Utilities
City of Sunrise Beach
City of Sweet Springs
City of Syracuse
City of Taos
City of Thayer
City of Tipton
City of Tracy
City of Trenton Municipal Utilities
City of Trimble
City of Troy
City of Truesdale
City of Union
City of Union Star
City of Unionville
City of University City
City of Urbana
City of Urich
City of Van Buren
City of Vandalia
City of Verona
City of Versailles
City of Viburnum
City of Vienna
City of Walker
City of Walnut Grove
City of Wardell
City of Warrensburg
City of Warrenton Public Works
City of Warsaw
City of Washburn
City of Washington
City of Waverly
City of Wayland
City of Waynesville
City of Weatherby Lake
City of Weaubleau
City of Webb City
City of Webster Groves
City of Wellington
City of Wellsville
City of Wentzville Sewer & Water
City of Wentzville Traffic Signals
City of West Plains
City of Westboro
City of Weston
City of Wheatland
City of Wheaton Natural Gas
City of Wheeling
City of Wildwood
City of Willard
City of Williamsville
City of Willow Springs
City of Windsor
City of Winfield
City of Winona
City of Wood Heights
City of Wright City
City of Wyaconda
City of Wyatt
City Utilities of Springfield
Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission
Clark County CPWSD #1
Clay County PWSD # 5
Clay County PWSD # 6
Clay County PWSD #3
Clay County PWSD #4
Clay County PWSD #8
Clay County PWSD #9
Clay County PWSD 2
Clay County PWSD 7
Clinton County PWSD #3
Clinton County PWSD 1
Clinton County PWSD 4
Cole County PWSD #2
Cole County PWSD #3
Cole County PWSD 1
Cole County PWSD 4
Cole County PWSD 5
Columbia College
Comcast Cable Communications
Community Water System
COMO Connect
CoMo Electric Cooperative
Conception Wind Farm
Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services
Consolidated Electric Cooperative
Cooper County CPWSD 1
Cooper County PWSD # 1
Country Club Plaza JV LLC
Covenant Theological Seminary
Cow Branch Wind Farm
Cox Communications
Cox-Monett Hospital
Craw-Kan Telephone
Crawford County PWSD #1
Crawford Electric Cooperative
Crescent Lake Homeowners Assocation
Crowder College
Crown Center
Cuivre River Electric Cooperative


Daviess County PWSD #1
Daviess County PWSD 2
Daviess County PWSD 3/Lake Viking Water
Deer Run Water
DeKalb County PWSD 1
Dent County PWSD #1
Dikeland Sewer District
Dogwood Energy
DST Systems, Inc.
Duckett Creek Sanitary Sewer District
Duenke Enterprises
Duke Manufacturing
Dunklin County Public Sewer District 1
Dunklin County PWSD 1
Dunklin County PWSD 2
Dunklin County PWSD 3


East Butler County Sewer District
East Central Missouri Water and Sewer Authority
East Side Baptist Church
Edward Jones Company
Ellington Telephone
Empire Connect
Empire District Electric
Empire District Electric Water
Empire District Gas
Enable Gas Transmission
Enable Mississippi River Transmission
Enbridge Energy
Enterprise Products
Enterprise Products Operating LLC
Enterprise Products/Mid-America Pipeline
Evergreen Lakes Water
Explorer Pipeline
Explorer Pipeline Company
Express Scripts
ExteNet Systems
ExxonMobil Pipeline


FairPoint Communications/Kearney
FairPoint Communications of Missouri
Farber Telephone Company
Farmer City Wind Farm
Farmers Electric Cooperative
Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
Fidelity Communications
Flight Safety International
FoxGrape Homeowners' Association
Franklin County Public Works
Franklin County PWSD 1
Franklin County PWSD 3
Franklin County PWSD 4
Franklin County Water


G and D Water Line
Gascosage Electric Cooperative
Gascosage Electric Coop
Gateway Pipeline Company
General Council of Assemblies of God
Gentry County PWSD #2
Gentry County PWSD#1
GHD Services
Glaize Creek Sewer District
Goodman Telephone Company
Goodrich Gas
Google Fiber
Government Employees Health Association
Granby Telephone
Gravois Arm Sewer District
Green Hills Telephone
Greene County PWSD # 1
Greene County PWSD #6
Greene County PWSD 5
GRM Networks
Grundy County PWSD 1
Grundy Electric Cooperative


Hannibal Board of Public Works
Harrisburg R-VIII School District
Harrison County PWSD # 1
Harrison County PWSD # 2
Hayfield Water Works Inc
Heiman Walker Siegismund Water
Henry County PWSD # 3
Henry County PWSD 1
Henry County PWSD 4
Henry County Water Company
Hickory County PWSD # 2
Highway H Utilities
Hillcrest Utility Operating Company
Holden R-III School District
Holt County PWSD 1
Holway Telephone Company
Hood's Propane Company
Horseshoe Bend Special Road District
House Springs Sewer
Howard County CPWSD 1
Howard County PWSD 2
Howard County Water Commission
Howard Electric Cooperative
Howell County PWSD # 1/Pomona Water Dept.
Howell Oregon County PWSD 2
Howell Oregon Electric Cooperative
Husch Blackwell LLP


IAMO Telephone
Indian Hills Operating Company
Innsbrook Utilities
Intercounty Electric Cooperative
Intercounty Tele-Tech


Jackson County Public Works
Jackson County PWSD 1
Jackson County PWSD 12
Jackson County PWSD 13
Jackson County PWSD 15
Jackson County PWSD 16
Jackson County PWSD 17
Jackson County PWSD 2
Jackson R-2 School District
James River Addition
Jasper County PWSD 1
Jasper County PWSD 2
Jasper County PWSD 3
Jefferson County CPWSD C-1
Jefferson County Public Sewer District
Jefferson County Public Works Department
Jefferson County PWSD 1
Jefferson County PWSD 10
Jefferson County PWSD 12
Jefferson County PWSD 13
Jefferson County PWSD 2
Jefferson County PWSD 3
Jefferson County PWSD 5
Jefferson County PWSD 6
Jefferson County PWSD 7
Jefferson County PWSD 8
Jefferson County Water Authority
Joe Ogiba Mobile Home Parks
John Knox Village
John Youngblood Motors
Johnson County PWSD # 2
Johnson County PWSD 1
Johnson County PWSD 3
Joint Utilities Board (Cities of Altenburg & Frohna)


Kaemmerlen Electric
Kansas City Art Institute
Kansas City Power & Light
Kansas City Southern Railway
Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences
Kansas Fiber Network
KC Green Infrastructure
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipeline
Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipeline
Kingdom Telephone
Kings View Property Owners
KK Water Supply
Knox County PWSD # 1
Koch Pipeline
Kodiak Property Management
KPC Pipeline


Laclede County PWSD # 2
Laclede County PWSD #1
Laclede County PWSD 3
Laclede Electric Cooperative
Lafayette County PWSD # 1
Lafayette, Johnson and Saline Counties CPWSD 2
Lake Adelle POA
Lake Area Waste Water Association
Lake Cable
Lake Country Village POA
Lake Lotawana Association
Lake Regional Health System
Lake Ridge Bay HOA
Lake Sherwood Estates
Lakeland Heights Water
Lakewood Heights Services
Lathrop Telephone Company
Lee's Summit School District
Lee's Summit Subaru
Leonard Wood Family Communities
LeRu Telephone
Level 3 Communications
Lewis County PWSD #1
Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative
Liberal Light and Water
Liberty Utilities
Liberty Water
LightCore, A CenturyLink Company
Lincoln County PWSD #1
Lincoln County PWSD 2
Lincoln University
Lindsey Communications
Linn County CPWSD #1
Linn County PWWSD 13
Linn Livingston County PWSD 3
Little Blue Valley Sewer District
Livingston County PWSD # 1
Livingston County PWSD # 2
Livingston County PWSD # 3
Livingston County PWSD 4
Loch Lloyd Homeowners Association
Loess Hills Wind Farm
Longview Community College
Longview Farm Homes Association
Lost Creek Water Company
Lost Creek Wind
Lucky Seven Water
LW Sewer Company


M & A Electric Power Cooperative
Macon County PWSD #1
Macon Electric Cooperative
Macon Municipal Utilities
Madison County PWSD #1
Magellan Midstream Partners
Maple Woods Community College
Marathon Pipeline
Maries County PWSD 1
Marion County PWSD 1
Mark Twain Rural Telephone
Marshall Municipal Utilities
Master Key Homeowners Association
MBO Video
McDonald County PWSD 1
McDonald County PWSD 2
McDonald County PWSD 3
McDonald County Telephone
Meadowlake Farm Subdivision
Meadows of Winterset HOA
Mercer County PWSD #1
Mercy Hospital Lincoln
Metropolitan Community College
Mexico School District #59
Mid-Missouri Energy
Middle Big Creek
Milan Interactive Communications 2
Miller Telephone
Mineral Area Regional Hospital
Mississippi County PWSD 1
Mississippi Lime Company
Missouri American Water
Missouri American Water/Cedar Hill Sewer
Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri Public Utilities Alliance
Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative
Missouri Southern State University
Missouri State University
Missouri State University-West Plains
Missouri Telecom, Inc.
Missouri University S & T
Missouri Valley College
Missouri Water Association
MOARK Water Company
MoDOT Central District
MoDOT Kansas City District
MoDOT NE District
MoDOT NW District
MoDOT SE District
MoDOT St Louis District
MoDOT SW District - Joplin
MoDOT SW District - Springfield
MoGas Pipeline
MoKan Dial
Moniteau County PWSD # 1
Moniteau County PWSD # 2
Monroe County PWSD # 2
Montgomery County PWSD #1
Morgan County PWSD 2
Mullendike Sewer District


Nazarene Publishing House
New Florence Telephone
New Haven Natural Gas & Public Works
New London Telephone Company
New Madrid County PWSD #1
New Madrid County PWSD #5
New Madrid County PWSD 4
New Madrid County PWSD 6
New-Mac Electric Cooperative
NewDawn Fiber
Newton County PWSD 1
Newwave Communications
Nodaway County PWSD #1
North Central Missouri College
North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative
North Central Mo Regional Water Commission
North Kansas City Hospital
North Kansas City School District 74
North Kansas City Utilities Division
North Kansas City Utilities, Fiber Optics Division
North King City Water Line
North Oak Sewer District
Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone
Northeast Public Sewer District
Northern Arkansas Telephone Company
Nustar Pipeline Company, L.P.
NW Cass County Water Resource District
NW Electric Power Cooperative


Oak Grove Village
Oakbrier Water
Omega Pipeline Company, LLC
ONEOK North System
ONEOK North Systems
Optic Communications
Orchard Farm Telephone
Oregon County PWSD 1
Oregon County PWSD 2
Oregon Farmers Mutual Telephone
Orscheln Management Company
Osage County PWSD #1
Osage County PWSD #2
Osage County PWSD #3
Osage County PWSD 4
Osage Valley Electric Cooperative
Osage Valley Electric Cooperative
Osborn Wind Energy
Otelco Mid Missouri
Ozark Border Electric Cooperative
Ozark County PWSD 1
Ozark Electric Cooperative
Ozark Gas Transmission, LLC
Ozark R-VI School District
Ozark Telephone Company
Ozarks Technical Community College


Panhandle Eastern Pipeline
Parkview Subdivision
Parkway School District
Parkwood Estates
Peace Valley Telephone
Pemiscot County C-PWSD
Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Cooperative
Penn Valley Community College
Permian Express ETC
Perry County PWSD 2
Pershing Place Improvement Association
Pettis Johnson Saline County PWSD 1
Phelps County PWSD 1
Phelps County PWSD 2
Phelps County PWSD 4
Phillips 66 Pipeline, LLC
Phynx Fiber
Pike County Health Department
Pike County PWSD #1
Pike Creek Common Sewer District
Pilot Knob Rural Water District
Pinnacle Bank
Platte County CPWSD # 1
Platte County PWSD # 2
Platte County PWSD # 3
Platte County PWSD # 4
Platte County PWSD # 6
Platte County PWSD # 7
Platte County PWSD # 8
Platte County PWSD 9
Platte County Regional Sewer District
Platte Pipeline Company
Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative
Pleasant Hill R-III
Port Perry Service
Prairie Heights Water
Prairie View Regional Waste Facility
Praxair, Inc.
Provincial Data & Cable
Pulaski County PWSD # 2
Pulaski County PWSD # 3
Pulaski County PWSD 1
Pulaski County Sewer District 1
Putnam County PWSD # 1


Quapaw Downstream Casino
Quapaw Downstream Casino Sewer
Qwest Communications


RAC-JAC Properties, Inc.
Raccoon Creek Utility Operating Co.
Ralls County Electric Cooperative
Ralls County PWSD #1
Ray County CPWSD # 2
Ray County PWSD 1
Ray County PWSD 3
Raytown Water
Razorback Pipeline
Razorback Pipeline/TransMontaigne
RDE Water Company
Redflex Traffic Systems
Ripley County PWSD 1
Ripley County Water District 2
Ritter Communications
Riverside-Quindaro Bend Levee District
Rock Creek Public Sewer District
Rock Creek Wind
Rock Port Telephone
Rockwood School District
Rolla Municipal Utilities
Running Foxes Petroleum


S and B Operating
Sac Osage Electric Cooperative
Saint Albans Water & Sewer
Saint Charles Community College
Saint Charles County Govt.
Saint Charles County PWSD 2
Saint Clair Sewer Dist-Franklin County
Saint Francis Hospital & Health Services
Saint Francois County PWSD 2
Saint John's Hospital - Lebanon
Saint John's Hospital - Springfield
Saint John's Mercy Hospital
Saint Joseph Health Center-Saint Charles
Saint Joseph Medical Center-KC
Saint Louis County Transportation
Saint Louis Metropolitan Sewer District
Saint Louis Pipeline Operating LLC
Saint Louis University Hospital
Saint Louis University
Saint Lukes Health System
Saint Lukes Hospital
Sainte Genevieve County PWSD 1
Saline County PWSD # 3
Saline County PWSD 1
Saline County PWSD 2
School of the Osage
Schreiber Foods
Schuyler County CPWSD 1
Scotland County CPWSD #1
Scott County PWSD #1
Scott County PWSD #2
Scott County PWSD 3
Scott County PWSD 4
Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative
Sedalia Water Department
Selma Village Sewer District
SEMO Communications
SEMO Electric Cooperative
Seneca Telephone Company
Shady Acres MHP
Shamrock Cabinet
Shelby County PWSD 1
Shelby County R-IV
Shick USA
Sho-Me Technologies
Show Me Ethanol
Sigma Aldrich Chemical
Sikeston Municipal Utilities
Sinclair Transportation Company
SK&M Water & Sewer
Sky Blue Water, Inc
Smith-Glynn Callaway Clinic
Socket Telecom
South Saint Joseph Industrial Sewer District
Southeast Missouri State University
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Southwest Electric Cooperative
Southwest Rural Water
Spire MO East
Spire MO West
Spire NGL
Sprint Nextel
SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital
SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital
Stahl Speciality Company
Steelville Telephone
Stoddard County Common Sewer District 1
Stoddard County PWSD 1
Stoddard County PWSD 4
Stoddard County PWSD 5
Stoddard County PWSD 6
Stoddard County PWSD 7
Stoddard County Sewer Company
Stone County PWSD # 1
Stone County PWSD 2
Stone County Sewer District #1
Stonebridge West Property Owners Association
Stoutland Telephone (TDS Telecom)
Stowers Resource Management
Strother Road TDD
Sturgeon R-V School District
Suddenlink Communications-Branson
Suddenlink Communications-Monett
Suddenlink Central MO
Suddenlink Communications
Suddenlink Communications - Ozark
Suddenlink Communications - Trenton
Suddenlink Communications - St. Joseph
Suddenlink Communications-Carthage
Sullivan County PWSD #1
Summer Set Utility Company
Summit Natural Gas of Missouri
Superior Cable & Data
SW Regional Water District
Swank Motion Pictures


Tallgrass Energy
Tallgrass Energy/Rockies Express Pipeline
TAMKO Building Products Inc
Taney County PWSD #1
Taney County PWSD 2
Taney County PWSD 3
Taney County Regional Sewer District
Taney County Utilities
Taney County Water
Tarkio Board of Public Works
TBJ Sewer System, Inc.
Tech Electronics.Inc
Terre Du Lac Utilities
Texas County PWSD # 1
Texas County PWSD # 2
Texas County PWSD # 4
Texas County PWSD 3
Texas Eastern Gas Transmission
The Boeing Company
The Kansas City Star
The Lodge of Four Seasons
The Maries County Bank
The Suites at Fall Creek
Thomas Hill PWSD 1
Thomson Reuters
Three Rivers Electric Cooperative
Tier Point
Timber Creek Sewer Company
Time Warner Cable
Toro Energy of Missouri
Town of Halltown
Town of Harrisburg
Town of Loma Linda
Tracker Marine
TransCanada Keystone Pipeline
Treasure Park Briarwood
Tri-County Electric Cooperative
Tri-County Water Authority
Truman State University
Truman Water # 2
Turbo Net
Turner Estates Subdivision


UMB Bank
Union Hill Special Business District
Unite Private Networks
United Bank of Union
United Electric Cooperative
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University of Missouri Energy Management
University of MO-Division of IT
Utility Safety & Design


Valle Lake Sewer District
Valle Lake Water
Valley Woods Utility, LLC
Veolia Energy
Veolia Energy Kansas City
Verizon Wireless
Vernon County CPWSD 1
Vernon County PWSD # 2
Vernon County PWSD 7
Village Greens Water
Village of Airport Drive
Village of Allendale
Village of Bethel
Village of Big Lake
Village of Bull Creek
Village of Cairo
Village of Caledonia
Village of Centertown
Village of Chain of Rocks
Village of Collins
Village of Cosby
Village of Country Club
Village of Dadeville
Village of Diggins
Village of Eagleville
Village of Emerald Beach
Village of Eolia
Village of Ferrelview
Village of Flemington
Village of Freeburg
Village of Freistatt
Village of Glen Allen
Village of Glenwood
Village of Gordonville
Village of Hughesville
Village of Humphreys
Village of Ionia
Village of Jacksonville
Village of Jameson
Village of Kelso
Village of Kingdom City
Village of Leasburg
Village of Louisburg
Village of Luray
Village of Mineral Point
Village of Novelty
Village of Oak Ridge Sewer
Village of Parkway
Village of Preston Water
Village of Raymondville
Village of Renick
Village of South Greenfield
Village of Taneyville
Village of Theodosia
Village of Tina
Village of Truxton
Village of Twin Oaks
Village of Utica
Village of Vandiver
Village of Vanduser
Villas of Grandview


Walsworth Publishing Company
Wappapell Acres Water #1
Washington County PWSD 2
Washington County PWSD 4
Washington County Water Supply District 1
Washington School District
Washington University
Wayne Butler County PWSD 4
Wayne County PWSD # 2
Wayne County PWSD # 3
Webster Electric Cooperative
Webster University
Wells Fargo Advisors
West Central Electric Cooperative
West Plains Public Schools
Westminster College
Westminster Place
Westport Special Business District
Whispering Hills Water Company
White River Valley Electric Cooperative
Whiteman Air Force Base
Whitewater-Allenville Water System
Wide Open Network
Wildflower Community Association
William Jewell College
William Woods University
Windstream Communications
Winfield R-4 School District
Wireless Investments LLC
Woodland Manor Water
Worth County PWSD #1
Wright City R-II School District
Wright County PWSD # 1




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